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_An animatable SwiftUI Shape for drawing a rectangle with curved sides along the horizontal or vertical axis._

## Installation ### Xcode Projects Select `File` -> `Swift Packages` -> `Add Package Dependency` and enter `https://github.com/CypherPoet/SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape`. ### Swift Package Manager Projects You can add `SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape` as a package dependency in your `Package.swift` file: ```swift let package = Package( //... dependencies: [ .package(url: "https://github.com/CypherPoet/SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape", .exact("0.0.1")), ], //... ) ``` From there, refer to `SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape` as a "target dependency" in any of _your_ package's targets that need it. ```swift targets: [ .target( name: "YourLibrary", dependencies: [ "SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape", ], ... ), ... ] ``` Then simply `import SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape` wherever you’d like to use the `CurvedRectangle` type. ## Usage Importing `SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape` will expose the `CurvedRectangle` type. ```swift CurvedRectangle( curveAxis: .horizontal, leadingDepthPercentage: 8, trailingDepthPercentage: 8 ) ``` Full documentation for `CurvedRectangle` can be found [here](https://cypherpoet.github.io/SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape/). Furthermore, the [demo app](./Examples/CurvedRectangeShapeDemo) contains a number of examples and explanations of how it can be used in practice.

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## Contributing Contributions to `SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape` are most welcome. Check out some of the [issue templates](./.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/) for more info. ## 💻 Developing ### Requirements - Xcode 12.5+ (Recommended) ### 📜 Generating Documentation Documentation is generated by [Jazzy](https://github.com/realm/jazzy). Installation instructions can be found [here](https://github.com/realm/jazzy#installation), and as soon as you have it set up, docs can be generated simply by running `jazzy` from the command line. 📝 Note that this will only generate the `docs` folder for you to view locally. This folder is being ignored by `git`, as an [action](./.github/workflows/PublishDocumentation.yml) exists to automatically generate docs at the root level and serve them on the project's `gh-pages` branch. ## 🏷 License `SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape` is available under the MIT license. See the [LICENSE file](/SwiftUICurvedRectangleShape/LICENSE) for more info.